Happy 2nd Anniversary Blank Boutique

Happy 2nd Anniversary Blank Boutique

Yeah we made it!! Blank Boutique has to give a huge shout out to our AMAZING CUSTOMERS. 

The past two years were never in a business start up plan or have they ever included in a business start up plan how to work through a pandemic and an economic shut down! We did it but not without the support and love of the amazing community we are fortunate enough to be located in. 

Even if our story wasn't what it is and we were not able to be celebrating being in business for two years or that we are still in business at all! The people who have become like family, the people who matter and got us to this point were worth every day, gray hair and sleepless night. The opportunity to meet such tough, sweet, people and go thru this crazy past year with them and their families have made them part of my family. You really are an amazing bunch of people with tough, rough decisions and circumstances you all have had to deal with and make this past year. 

 You are all celebrated this week, while Blank Boutique celebrates our anniversary of being in businiess 2 years, our customers will be celebrated for every hurdle they overcame this past year and are still overcoming. 

This celebration is for all of us and we will keep overcoming obstacles daily and every day will be a celebration of the strength we have and can find when needed and also when we know we have a support system of friends, family and community.

Thank you again, you all know who you are. You are the people who were struggling too but took the time to support your local businesess so we can have milestones like these.

I Love you all...... 

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