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Luminary Lantern - Pink Orchid

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Modgy Luminary Lanterns set the mood in any space with the addition of water and water-activated, floating LED candles. These durable, plastic luminaries feature modern, graphic designs, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Orchids are one of the oldest family of flowering plants dating back over a million years. There are more than 25,000 different species of orchids They come in every color imaginable, except black Orchids take 5-7 years to bloom, so plants purchased today are already more than a decade old. The vanilla bean comes from a species of orchid. Orchids can live up to 100 years! Orchids symbolize pure love, beauty and luxury. Often found in spas and salons, their graceful blooms act as a natural stress reliever. We hope our beautiful orchid vase will add a calming note to your environment. Weight: 4.6oz Dimensions: 6" X 6.5" Materials: BPA free plastic Included: 4 luminaries, 4 LED candles and 4 lithium batteries per package. Luminaries arrive flat and expand.



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